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Posted by oxfameu on 16/09/13
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Let’s make sure governments deliver their climate finance promises

Climate Action Network Europe has launched a new awareness raising video that highlights why climate finance is essential to all our futures. Produced with CIDSE, RAC France, Oxfam and GCCA, it calls for people to hold their governments to account over their climate finance promises and cease the support of fossil fuel subsidies.

Climate finance is essential to poor countries that are already being impacted by the effects of a changing climate. We are calling for European governments to start delivering their fair share of the promised funds this year, and to dedicate at least 50% of this to adaptation funding for people impacted by flooding, droughts and other consequences of climate change.

In 2009, all developed countries, including those in the European Union, committed to mobilize new and additional funds, known as Long Term Finance, to increase overall climate finance funding to US$100 billion by 2020. So far little of this has materialized, but now there is the chance for governments to start putting money on the table and keep their promises.

European Finance Ministers are meeting next month, and climate finance will be one of the topics on the agenda. The meeting will take place a month before the international climate negotiations being held this November in Poland. It is essential that they make a strong commitment to delivering the public funds promised and send a signal to the international community that Europe is committed to action on climate finance.

Some countries will continue to turn their backs on the promises made unless we can show them we are watching and demand action.

Let’s hold them to their word, stop funding  fossil fuel subsidies and fund what counts!

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Click here for more NGO analysis on Europe’s climate finance promises up until now and policy recommendations moving forward.

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